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she's up in trees

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silly silly silly [Tue Dec 2008 @ 11:30am]
you know that place you get into when you want a change, and you think that that change is something your hair should do? i am in that place.

almost done with finals! almost time to go back to dc!
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so much meme [Sat Sep 2008 @ 3:54pm]
take a picture of yourself right now.
don't change your clothes, don't fix your hair... just take a picture.
post that picture with NO editing.
post these instructions with your picture.

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about three things [Sat May 2008 @ 1:23pm]

watch this, it is so cool. animated graffiti.

summer looks to be awesome! this is why:
1. CAT
2. oz & oz activities
3. going home in a month for 2 weeks
4. baked goods & ice cream
5. art
6. books (like the silly ya books i've been consuming lately)
7. my mom might come visit me in portland! so might elizabeth!
9. lounging around all day NOT WORRYING ABOUT ANYTHING
10. no more art history.

also, i just heard the ice cream truck drive down my street!
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and i'll never work for anyone again [Sat Apr 2008 @ 6:11pm]
i'm putting together some stuff for my sister, who's going on fifteen and having (predictably) not the best time ever. so:

what music/books/poetry/information/other would have made or did make your adolescence somewhat less shittacular?
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conjoined twins and the future of normal [Wed Apr 2008 @ 8:16pm]
dear kelly,
you have seven days of class left. you cannot check out now. stop reading freaks: we who are not as others, watching angel and baking absurd amounts of crap. please take your add meds, go to class and do your work. gosh darnit.

love, kelly

ps. if you do, i will buy you that book about conjoined twins you've been eying.
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ask your blue sun travel agent [Wed Apr 2008 @ 5:05pm]
just in case, um, you didn't think i was enough of a nerd already...

LOOK WHAT I GOT.Collapse )
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an explosion of nerd [Sat Apr 2008 @ 6:42pm]
OH MY GOD, GUYS, THERE IS A MEGAFAUNA PARK. el parque megafauna, in costa rica!! they have sized-to-life statues of megafauna everywhere!

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tell me that you're coming home [Tue Apr 2008 @ 9:34pm]
arg arg arg i am a very very bad procrastinator whose name anagrams appropriately to "really shirk". i might be getting a kitten (if we can renegotiate the lease ishouldntgetmyhopesup too late!)! i am scared oz will be full of strangers next year, my boyfriend won the deepthroat competition at fetish ball last weekend with a ridiculous 11 inches, i am wearing purple unicorn socks and a black skirt with sequins on it (and holes around the zipper from quick changes over two years ago for r&j), i'm lovin me some virginia woolf, and i need to make more (closer) friends (this also relates to strangerful-oz fear). i miss girltalk.
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memory dinner? [Wed Mar 2008 @ 5:15pm]
okay, so, i was thinking the other day about how, sometimes when we cook for each other, we're in a way introducing each other to our families. in my art history class we had a speaker who mentioned some pieces she did for a "memory dinner" with some artists in nyc. so this might be kind of a dumb, artsy-fartsy sort of idea but... i'd like to have a memory dinner at some point.

the idea is that everyone brings a dish, like a potluck, only that your dish has some very strong memory connected to it. not a general memory, like "my childhood", but a specific one, or a couple specific ones. it can be any kind of food, from easymac to fancy cake to pot roast, so long as there's a strong memory connection to it. for example, the visiting artist said "honey-baked ham is what my family always eats at funerals." we could sit around and eat our memories and talk about them. i don't know.

would anyone be interested in that?
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