she's up in trees (upintrees) wrote,
she's up in trees

memory dinner?

okay, so, i was thinking the other day about how, sometimes when we cook for each other, we're in a way introducing each other to our families. in my art history class we had a speaker who mentioned some pieces she did for a "memory dinner" with some artists in nyc. so this might be kind of a dumb, artsy-fartsy sort of idea but... i'd like to have a memory dinner at some point.

the idea is that everyone brings a dish, like a potluck, only that your dish has some very strong memory connected to it. not a general memory, like "my childhood", but a specific one, or a couple specific ones. it can be any kind of food, from easymac to fancy cake to pot roast, so long as there's a strong memory connection to it. for example, the visiting artist said "honey-baked ham is what my family always eats at funerals." we could sit around and eat our memories and talk about them. i don't know.

would anyone be interested in that?
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